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It’s a refuge for the working professional.

A Jamaican repatriate and former Flatbush resident is launching a multi-city retreat series this year. Author and consultant Kwayera Archer created ‘Immersion Retreat,’ which kicked off in Ochos Rios, Jamaica on Jan. 11. The series provides a sanctuary for adults working in various professional sectors, and a chance for them to branch out and explore their ideas and unfulfilled dreams. A few years ago Archer visited her aspirations, and started this retreat to help others take that leap.

“What actually inspired me is that fact I looked at what I was missing when I was an executive with a family, trying to live a normal live, and I saw I had the opportunity how to do things differently,” she said.

After finding her courage to switch gears and search for her own destiny, she resigned from her post managing the Flatbush-based art space, Ifetayo Cultural Arts, and relocated to her native Jamaica. She was hesitant but realized she needed to make this life-changing step.

“I loved my job but I needed to create a life that I wanted to have,” added Archer. “That took courage but I had ability to step in but others might not.”

To get people to this step she created a curriculum and workshop that will guide them to this because finding the strength within oneself takes will, said Archer.

“I do workshops to help people find that permission and courage, and to find the skills if not gaps are what needs to be strengthen and find management and attainable way to find their desired life,” she said.

During the three day trip, some 20 to 30 people engage with each other for a meet and greet will be able to join a group session. Then the following day guests will be tasked into deep thinking with a curriculum where they are have t0 come up with an idea, then concluding day ends with a plan that participants will present to each other.

Every retreat is also different from the other — some focusing on leadership, self-care, and even boot camp experiences. This particular one in Jamaica titled “Wellness Retreat: Self-Care for Executive Women,” aims at women who work high level positions and how they can balance work life with their personal.

The next forthcoming retreats Archer has planned for the year have different themes targeted towards anyone interested. And because not everyone can fit an international trip overseas into their budget or take a vacation, Archer ensures that her retreats happen on three-day weekends. Some events will take place in Manhattan, and there will be others Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Oakland.

Archer says she wants working professionals to not only have dreams, but to reach them and find stability even if their lives are busy. After experiencing a retreat she promises people will get right to work.

“They’ll understand how to unearth their purpose and gain tools to make sure they’re aligning with that,” she said. “They will walk away with a blueprint for their next step in that particular area and would have learned the tools and techniques to transform into that mindset,” said Archer.

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