In the Spirit of Umoja (Unity) we wish you a Happy Kwanzaa!

Happy Kwanzaa

Dear Wellness Enthusiasts,

Are you ready to be inspired, invigorated, and transformed?

We’re thrilled to unveil an exclusive Five Days of Wellness on our signature restorative retreat against the breathtaking backdrop of Ocho Rios in Jamaica. A Sunsetting and only a few spaces are available for guests to join us in person this January, we have alternatively designed an opportunity for you to virtually join our Circle of Wellness and experience Soulful Joy gems.

Each day of our retreat elevates your mind, body, and spirit.

So, take a few deep breaths in and out to enter your mind. Now, you are ready to immerse yourself in an experience that embraces our Five “I” model: inspire, Immerse, Invigorate, Improve, and infuse.

Introduction: We all want to ensure successful outcomes. Understanding the power of inspiration, immersion, invigoration, improvement, and infusion is important. These five I words can help you to achieve your goals and make a positive impact in your life and the lives of others. In this lesson, we will explore these words in more detail and discuss how you can use them to achieve success.

Today, we lean into the first “I” – INSPIRE.

What does “Inspire” mean for you, and what does it look like during your retreat?

On January 4, our Soulful Joy journey begins with the Soulful Joy   With a welcome Reception, designed to uplift your spirits and set the tone for a transformative experience. It’s a day dedicated to igniting the spark within you and awakening your inspiration while fostering. Deepening connections with fellow wellness seekers champions.

Join us as we share a peek into what to Expect on the INSPIRE Day:

It’s Morning – The Focus is on Centering Oneself –

You can begin your inspiring day at home with a warm cup of relaxing herbal tea, maybe lavender, chamomile, or sage.

Select a favorite song or music that inspires you with joy and love possibilities. Doing these activities after your morning dedication, meditation, or prayer is essential and before you speak to anyone or leave the house.

Now that you are relaxed and beginning to awaken your inspiration, take a notebook or journal dedicated to your Soulful Joy affirmations and write Inspire at the top of the page.

Select a word for your inspiration day that you will carry with you and use to inspire your language and moments of meditation throughout the day.

It’s Lunchtime – The Focus is on Nutrition –

It’s lunchtime; you’ve increased your water intake and filled your plate with 80% veggies. Your intake of plant-based foods inspires the health of your gut so you can better absorb the nutrients from food that support your immune system and reduce inflammation. The increase of water will aid in detoxing. Our kidneys do a phenomenal job of cleansing and ridding our body of toxins as long as our intake of fluids is adequate. Water is always a great choice.

It’s Evening – The Focus is on Reflection

The day’s activities are coming to a close. You’ve written in your Soulful Joy Journal the inspiring acts that you encountered and those that you’ve offered.

You’re now ready to wind down after dinner. You still have time to add movement activity into your day; it could be as simple as taking a 15-minute walk or stretching while incorporating some deep breathing and thinking about your inspiration word selected in the morning.

Now, we close the day with a warm bath inspired by some beautiful flowers, bath salts, or sprigs of lavender to relax the muscles and the mind while awakening the senses. If you don’t have a tub or like baths, you can replace it with a warm foot bath. Don’t forget the salts – a foot bath with salt can reduce the toxins in the body. The salt’s mineral compounds help minimize swelling, inflammation, and pain around the affected region.

It’s Bedtime –The Focus is on Rest

Write a poem with the inspiration word and how you are inspired, and then do a short meditation with some healing music of your choice. 

Visualize your word as you take deep breaths and relax.