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Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion Experience

Greetings Friends,

Welcome to our Cuba 2018 Immersion!

In 2014, I decided to pack up and expand my reality to also make Jamaica a home base. Since incorporating the Caribbean into my reality, I have been able to experience the wonderful tropical environment, but more than that has been the rich heritage and strength of the people. The home of my Ancestors, the Archers who hail from St. Elizabeth near Maggotty and the Sweeneys who are strongly rooted in the hills of Clarendon in Beckford Kraal.

I am thrilled to welcome you as one of our family members traveling to Cuba this July 2018. We will visit lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls, beautiful farms, hidden cultural gems, arts havens, and salsa sites, scholarly repositories, culinary treats and civic, social, educational and activist movements.

Kwayera Archer
President and CVO
Global Ase Consulting

“Being exposed to the existence of other languages increases the perception that the world is populated by people who not only speak differently from oneself but whose cultures and philosophies are other than one’s own.”

– Maya Angelou

Cuba Cultural Immersion (SOLD OUT)
July | 10-17, 2018
7 Days, 6 Nights


  • Airfare
  • Exclusive hotels
  • Meals included (breakfast + lunch or dinner daily)
  • Select entrance fees and excursions
  • Ground transportation
  • Exclusive events, and once in a lifetime adventures


  • $1,999 (double occupancy)
  • $2,499 (single occupancy)
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The Roots of Global Ase’s Cultural Immersion Arm

Kwayera’s work in New York and globally is now an acknowledged model for community sustainability in indigenous cultures, using best practices in organizational effectiveness and distinctive programming for the well-being of the communities they serve. Her dedication to youth, family, and communities across the Diaspora has led to thriving partnerships with institutions globally and established her as an international innovator in community transformation rooted in cultural intelligence.  Whether our Taste of Culture, Mini Cultural Immersion or full Cultural Immersion, Global Ase delivers an experience that is engaging, meaningful and highly respectful of the community we are visiting.

Global Ase galvanizes the efforts of those who want the world to be a better place for all, by building partnerships economically, socially, and culturally. The focus is on partnering individuals and entities working for social good, whether they are social ventures, non-profit organizations/non-governmental organizations, foundations or government entities.

Why a People-To-People Cultural Immersion Tour?

Global Ase’s unique travel experience brings diverse groups of expatriates, international families, volunteers and potential partners, as well as prospective investors, to each destination, where they will experience the most authentic and intimate details of local life, the family structures, food, music, and landmarks, but most importantly they will experience the often subtle overlooked, hospitable and hardworking, entrepreneurial, sociable and diverse people – living tradition of their Ancestors still to this day. It is my belief that cultural experiences make our world richer. No one community or people have the answer to all.  If we can learn from and support each other’s best practices, the world becomes a more beautiful and hopeful place to live.

Global Ase is committed to building strong ties between the wider Caribbean, Africa and individuals in Diaspora and the world. An African proverb says, “if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” It embodies the understanding that social change and community uplift cannot be an overnight rush, but they are processes that require the long-term commitment of all facets of our community, a public and private partnership.

Especially in People-to-People cultural immersion, Global Ase offers travelers and their families the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultures they visit and establish relationships with an international community of peers. Enjoying the country by bus or by bike, travelers learn first-hand about the culture. A two-week trip to Jamaica will give visitors a hands-on exposure to ecological efforts, social ventures, educational, and bonds with civic and cultural leaders.

Traveling with Global Ase offers unique entry to areas not usually accessible to visitors giving travelers a creative way to learn, exchange, and collaborate with some of the world’s most inspiring but often unheralded communities. Before trips, Global Ase hosts an informative session about the cultures of the countries they will visit.

Past tours organized by Kwayera have included visits to Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Jamaica and Senegal for 20-150 travelers each trip. At the completion of the tours, travelers can join in exciting and engaging musical events designed to raise funds for local youth or community organizations.

Helping Local Communities

By highlighting our local people and communities, Global Ase demonstrates the success of private and public-sector partners who are willing to commit to and help our People-to-People Cultural Immersions, boosting the economy and helping build the local brand globally.

Engaging travel companies, hoteliers, small businesses and corporations ready to partner in making their country an attractive place for people to work, study and raise families, Global Ase will take visitors to parishes in town and country, engage them in community meetings visits to of local markets, and introduce them to teachers, professors, and civic leaders. We welcome an intergenerational clientele. Families develop fond memories of safe and unforgettable experiences in communities which creates the foundation for a lifetime of return visits, and potential respectful partnerships.

The immersions are not just about people having a good time – although they will! They will also feel good by doing good, playing a part in small businesses, schools, and health sectors so that they will be willing to work and partner with future ventures.

Investment Arrangements for Trip

50% Deposit is required to secure a space. The deposit will be applied towards your full immersion investment.

The remainder of the balance ($1,000 double occupancy & $1250 for single occupancy) will be divided into four installments of $250 (double occupancy) $312.50 (single occupancy).

  • February 24 – Installment Due
  • March 24th – 2nd Installment Due
  • April 25th – 3rd Installment Due
  • May 31st – all monies owed must be paid in FULL.

*Children discounts are available.  Please send an email to for further details.

Refund Policy

50% of the deposit is non-refundable for all travelers after March 31, 2018. In the event of withdrawal, a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit will permitted until April 15, 2018. No refunds will be permitted after May 16, 2018, for any reason.

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